Explore The Outdoors In Fort Mill, SC


Going outside in nature has a way of reconnecting us with the simple things in life. A tree growing in the meadow connects its roots with other trees close to it. Leaves falling to the ground become a part of the cycle of life for other smaller plants and all the crawlers that live beneath their cover. Those small crawlers are responsible for clearing all the unwanted sediments and provide the food source for larger living things. Everything is connected and we also connect with them all by breathing, respecting nature, and allowing it to follow its natural rhythms.

The city of Fort Mills, South Carolina, has plenty of areas that allow those lucky enough to live there to do just that — connecting with nature in the simplest of ways. It doesn’t matter whether we go in nature for a hike, a kayak adventure, mountain biking, or camping. As long as we take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and use nothing but time, nature will always welcome us with arms wide open. Up next, you’ll get the best places where you can put your phone on silent, grab a few friends, and enjoy the open air in and around Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Anne Springs Close Greenway

Located close to the middle of Fort Mills, SC, Anne Springs Close Greenway is a community favorite. Since 1995, the 2,100-acre natural preserve has provided opportunities for education, recreation, and fitness to the city’s residents. With lakes and thick forests covering the area, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is the perfect nature oasis from urban developments a short ride away from your home. With wide-open space, most outdoor activities are available like kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, picnicking, and, of course, fishing. Bring your own equipment or find rentals on-site as well as primitive campsites where you can erect your own and spend an evening in nature. The network of trails coupled with the recreation center and event venue makes this natural preserve fit with your needs, no matter what they are.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

Close by to Arlington, North Carolina, only a 30-minute drive away from Fort Mill, South Carolina, you will find the US National Whitewater Center. Their mission is to create, facilitate and promote outdoor access for everyone, bringing people together in nature and building stronger communities. Over 1,300 acres of protected land gives access to 50 miles of trails as well as the Catawba River and Long Creek. Some of the activities included in the Center are whitewater rafting on the river’s rapids, ziplining the forestry above, yoga classes, anything that can be done on the trails that does not include automobiles, kayaking, and even ice skating in the cold months. Your whole family will enjoy the time they spend here as there are film series, jamming sessions, camps, and field trips with plenty of food and beverages to keep everyone energized.

BMX Supercross Track

Close by the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina, only a short 10-minute drive away, the Rock Kill BMX Supercross Track is waiting for you to prove your two-wheel expertise. There are bike camps that both you and your children can enjoy. Some are designed for beginners and are age-restricted while others are organized based on the level of experience of each rider. Once you are confident enough in your abilities to ride a BMX, you can even sign up for races. The BMX Supercross Track is an incredible resource for both local and visiting riders. They make sure that you ride in a safe and controlled environment so that you can improve your skill through various disciplines like road, trail, or track riding.

Country Time Equestrian Events

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to pass the time after a long day’s work, go horseback riding into the sunset. Yes, this does seem like a romance novel review, but being able to do just that less than a 40-minute drive outside the city is quite something. Ride off the beaten track for 50 minutes and all work-related stress will leave your mind and body. The farmland scenery surrounding the trails will make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, not close to the city, where you can enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. On your return journey, stop by for an old-fashioned cowboy dinner by the bonfire that your significant other won’t forget anytime soon.

Carolina Raptor Center

One of the responsibilities we all share regarding nature is to respect it, preserve it, and help it when necessary. That is the role the Carolina Raptor Center assumed when they opened up in 1975. Since they brought their first raptor, a Broad-winged Hawk, they have served their purpose methodically, with care and patience for their winged patients. Up until 2016, they saved, nurtured, and mended 8,000 patients and 20,000 birds have been admitted into their center. Managing to combine all this hard work with educational opportunities for children spread across the 57 acres inside the 1,500-acre Latta Nature Preserve wasn’t easy. However, people can now visit the center, take tours, bird-watch, and go on the Raptor Trail for around 45 minutes for most of the year.

Canaan Zip Line

Close to Rock Hill, SC, only a 17-minute drive away from Fort Mill you can zipline back and forth across the mesmerizing Catawba River. Find your moment and stop by to embrace nature in one of the most thrilling experiences available for people of all ages and athletic abilities. From the Bootleg Tour that is meant as an introduction to the sport, to the Full Tour, you’ll get to zipline through the air held up by one rope while you experience a canopy view that will give you dreams of flight as soon as you close your eyes. Keep in mind that fear of heights can be a problem and from the nine zip lines available, you’ll even get access to a 900 ft. zip.


There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature in its most raw beauty, so feel free to pick and choose from the options above. Depending on the level of experience that you have and the desire to try out new things, Fort Mill, South Carolina has more than enough things to do in nature to go around. Many people relocate to the area because of the city’s proximity to nature as well as all the outdoor recreation options close by. If you’re thinking about setting up roots in this city, just contact real estate agents in Fort Mill SC, and get to enjoy all the great things about nature. Because nature is kind to us if we’re kind to it in return, respect all living things, including trees and bugs alike, and don’t forget: take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.